About KRAP

KRAP ... Where did that come from??

Co-founder of the Kundabung Regional Art Prize (KRAP), Leigh Carnsew, writes:-

My partner and I retired to Kundabung from a small village outside Canberra in 2008. Not knowing anyone in the area, we threw ourselves into everything to meet our neighbours and fellow residents. I desperately wanted to start doing some art again after a 40 year lapse (life gets in the way sometimes!). Much to my delight we found a thriving art community in Kundabung. I threw myself wholeheartedly into the scene.

My partner Stewart and I were talking about how talented everyone in the area was one night over a few drinks (as you do), when he suggested we should have some sort of event to showcase that talent. He jokingly came up with the acronym KRAP – Kundabung Regional Art Prize. I loved it!

However, it wasn’t until 2010 that we seriously discussed it again with our arty mates. They thought it was great too.

So, on 6 November 2011 the inaugural KRAP took place with a $200 prize. We had 6 stalls and 76 art entries. From small beginnings! Now KRAP and the market day held at the same time are a big drawcard for Kundabung, and a great day out.

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